Saint Lucia

Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Date of Information:10 Aug 2016
  • Governor Gen.
    Pearlette LOUISY
  • Prime Min.
  • Min. for Agriculture, Fisheries, Physical Planning, Natural Resources, & Co-operatives
    Ezechiel JOSEPH
  • Min. for Economic Development, Housing, Urban Renewal, Transport, & Civil Aviation
    Guy JOSEPH
  • Min. for Education, Innovation, Gender Relations, & Sustainable Development
  • Min. for Equity, Social Justice, Empowerment, Youth Development, Sports, Culture, & Local Government
    Lenard MONTOUTE
  • Min. for Finance
    Ubaldus RAYMOND
  • Min. for Finance, Economic Growth, Job Creation, External Affairs, & the Public Service
  • Min. for Health & Wellness
    Mary ISSAC
  • Min. for Home Affairs, Justice, & National Security
    Hermangild FRANCIS
  • Min. for Infrastructure, Ports, Energy, & Labor
    Stephenson KING
  • Min. in the Office of the Prime Min. With Responsibility for Commerce, Industry, Investment, Enterprise Development, & Consumer Affairs
    Bradley FELIX
  • Min. in the Office of the Prime Min. With Responsibility for Tourism, Information, & Broadcasting
    Dominic FEDEE
  • Attorney Gen.
    Marlene Malahoo FORTE
  • Ambassador to the US
    Elizabeth Darius-CLARKE
  • Permanent Representative to the UN, New York
    Menissa RAMBALLY