Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Date of Information:20 Dec 2016
  • Grand Duke
  • Prime Min.
    Xavier BETTEL
  • Dep. Prime Min.
    Etienne SCHNEIDER
  • Min. of Admin. Simplification
    Dan KERSCH
  • Min. of Agriculture, Viticulture, & Rural Development
    Fernand ETGEN
  • Min. of Civil Service
    Dan KERSCH
  • Min. of Communications & Media
    Xavier BETTEL
  • Min. of Consumer Protection
    Fernand ETGEN
  • Min. of Culture
    Maggy NAGEL
  • Min. of Defense
    Etienne SCHNEIDER
  • Min. of Economy & Foreign Trade
    Etienne SCHNEIDER
  • Min. of Education, Childhood, & Youth
    Claude MEISCH
  • Min. of Environment
  • Min. of Equality of Opportunity
    Lydia MUTSCH
  • Min. of Family & Integration
    Corinne CAHEN
  • Min. of Finance, Treasury, & Budget
    Pierre GRAMEGNA
  • Min. of Foreign Affairs & Immigration
  • Min. of Health & Gender Equality
    Lydia MUTSCH
  • Min. of Higher Education, Research, & Professional Training
    Claude MEISCH
  • Min. of Housing
    Maggy NAGEL
  • Min. of Interior
    Dan KERSCH
  • Min. of Internal Security
    Etienne SCHNEIDER
  • Min. of Justice
    Felix BRAZ
  • Min. of Labor & Employment
    Nicolas SCHMIT
  • Min. of Relations With Parliament
    Fernand ETGEN
  • Min. of Religious Affairs
    Xavier BETTEL
  • Min. of Sports, Humanitarian Aid, & Social Security
    Romain SCHNEIDER
  • Min. of Sustainable Development & Infrastructure
    Francois BAUSCH
  • Min. of State
    Xavier BETTEL
  • Chmn., Luxembourg Central Bank
    Gaston REINESCH
  • Ambassador to the US
    Sylvie LUCAS
  • Permanent Representative to the UN, New York
    Christian BRAUN