Korea, South

Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Date of Information:16 Sep 2016
  • Pres.
    PARK Geun-hye
  • Prime Min.
    HWANG Kyo-ahn
  • Dep. Prime Min. for Economy
    YOO Il-ho
  • Dep. Prime Min. for Social Affairs
    LEE Joon-sik
  • Min., Office for Govt. Policy Coordination
    LEE Suk-joon
  • Min. for Agriculture, Food, & Rural Affairs
    KIM Jae-soo
  • Min. of Culture, Sports, & Tourism
    CHO Yoon-sun
  • Min. of Education
    LEE Joon-sik
  • Min. of Employment & Labor
    LEE Ki-kweon
  • Min. of Environment
    CHO Kyeung-kyu
  • Min. of Foreign Affairs
    YUN Byung-se
  • Min. of Gender Equality & Family
    KANG Eun-hee
  • Min. of Health & Welfare
    CHUNG Chin-youb
  • Min. of Interior
    HONG Yun-sik
  • Min. of Justice
    KIM Hyun-woong
  • Min. of Land, Infrastructure, & Transport
    KANG Ho-in
  • Min. of National Defense
    HAN Min-koo
  • Min. of Oceans & Fisheries
    KIM Young-suk
  • Min. of Public Safety & Security
    PARK In-yong
  • Min. of Science, Information & Communication Technologies (ICT), & Future Planning
    CHOI Yang-hee
  • Min. of Strategy & Finance
    YOO Il-ho
  • Min. of Trade, Industry, & Energy
    JOO Hyung-hwan
  • Min. of Unification
    HONG Yong-pyo
  • Chmn., Anticorruption & Civil Rights Commission
    SUNG Yung-hoon
  • Chmn., Board of Audit & Inspection
    HWANG Chan-hyun
  • Chmn., Fair Trade Commission
    JEONG Jae-chan
  • Chmn., Financial Services Commission
    YIM Jong-yong
  • Chmn., Korea Communications Commission
    CHOI Sung-joon
  • Chmn., National Human Rights Commission
    LEE Sung-ho
  • Chmn., Nuclear Safety & Security Commission
    KIM Yong-hwan
  • Chief of Staff, Office of the Pres.
    LEE Won-jong
  • Dir., National Security Office, Office of the Pres.
    KIM Kwan-jin
  • Dir., National Intelligence Service
    LEE Byung-ho
  • Governor, Bank of Korea
    LEE Ju-yeol
  • Ambassador to the US
    AHN Ho-young
  • Permanent Representative to the UN, New York
    OH Joon