Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Date of Information:15 Aug 2016
  • Pres.
    Jocelerme PRIVERT
  • Prime Min.
  • Min. of Agriculture, Natural Resources, & Rural Development
    Pierre Guito LAURORE
  • Min. of Commerce
    Jessy C. PETIT-FRERE
  • Min. of Culture & Communication
    Marc Aurele GARCIA
  • Min. of Culture
    Dithny Joan RATON
  • Min. of Defense
  • Min. of Economy & Finance
    Yves Romain BASTIEN
  • Min. of Environment
    Simon Dieuseul DESRAS
  • Min. of Foreign & Religious Affairs
    Pierrot DELIENNE
  • Min. of Haitians Living Abroad
    Robert LABROUSSE
  • Min. of Interior
    Francois ANNICK
  • Min. of Justice & Public Security
    Camille Edouard JUNIOR
  • Min. of National Education & Professional Training
    Jean Beauvois DORSONNE
  • Min. of Planning & External Cooperation
    Aviol FLEURANT
  • Min. of Public Health & Population
    Daphnee Benoit DELSOIN
  • Min. of Public Works & Transport
    Jacques Evelt EVEILLARD
  • Min. of Social Affairs & Labor
    Jean Rene Antoine NICOLAS
  • Min. of Tourism
    Guy Didier HYPPOLITE
  • Min. of Women and Women's Rights
    Marie Denise CLAUDE
  • Min. of Youth, Sports, & Civic Action
    Abel NAZAIRE
  • Acting Min. of Haitians Living Abroad
    Jessy C. PETIT-FRERE
  • Governor, Bank of the Republic of Haiti
    Jean Dubois BADEN
  • Ambassador to the US
    Paul Getty ALTIDOR
  • Permanent Representative to the UN, New York
    Denis REGIS