Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Date of Information:28 Sep 2015
  • Pres.
    Jose Mario VAZ
  • Prime Min.
    Carlos CORREIA
  • Min. in the Presidency for the Council of Ministers & Parliamentary Affairs
    Baciro DJA
  • Min. of Agriculture & Rural Development
    Joao Anibal PEREIRA
  • Min. of Economics & Finance
    Geraldo MARTINS
  • Min. of Energy & Industry
    Florentino PEREIRA
  • Min. of Foreign Affairs, Intl. Cooperation, & Communities
    Mario Lopes DA ROSA
  • Min. of Internal Admin.
    Botche CANDE
  • Min. of Justice
    Carmelita PIRES
  • Min. of Media
    Agnelo REGALA
  • Min. of National Defense
    Cadi MANE
  • Min. of National Education
    Odete SEMEDO
  • Min. of Natural Resources
    Daniel GOMES
  • Min. of Public Health
    Valentina MENDES
  • Min. of Public Service & Admin. Reform
    Ademir Nelson BELO
  • Min. of Public Works, Construction, & Urban Planning
    Jose Antonio DE ALMEIDA
  • Min. of Trade & Traditional Crafts
    Antonio Serifo EMBALO
  • Min. of Women's Affairs, Family, & Social Cohesiveness
    Bilony NHASSE
  • Permanent Representative to the UN, New York