Congo, Republic of the

Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Date of Information:7 Jun 2016
  • Pres.
    Denis SASSOU-Nguesso
  • Prime Min.
    Clement MOUAMBA
  • Min. of State & Dir. of the Civil Cabinet
    Firmin AYESSA
  • Min. of State for Agriculture, Livestock, & Fisheries
    Henri DJOMBO
  • Min. of State for Construction & Urban Planning
    Claude Alphonse NSILOU
  • Min. of State for Economy, Industrial Development & Promotion of the Private Sector
    Gilbert ONDONGO
  • Min. of Commerce & Consumer Affairs
    Landry Euloge KOLELAS
  • Min. of Communication & Media Affairs & Govt. Spokesperson
    Thierry MOUNGALLA
  • Min. of Culture & Arts
    Leonidas Carel Mottom MAMONI
  • Min. of Defense
    Charles Richard MONDJO
  • Min. of Energy & Water
    Serge Blaise ZONIABA
  • Min. of Finance, Budget, & Public Portfolio
    Calixte GANONGO
  • Min. of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation, & Congolese Abroad
    Jean-Claude GAKOSSO
  • Min. of Forest Economy, Sustainable Development, & Environment
    Rosalie MATONDO
  • Min. of Health & Population
    Jacqueline Lydia MIKOLO
  • Min. of Hydrocarbons
  • Min. of Infrastructure & Road Maintenance
    Josue-Rodrigue NGOUONIMBA
  • Min. of Interior, Decentralization, & Local Development
    Raymond Zephirin MBOULOU
  • Min. of Justice, Human Rights, & Promotion of Indigenous Peoples
    Pierre MABIALA
  • Min. of Labor & Social Security
    Emile OUOSSO
  • Min. of Land Titles & State Property
    Parfait Aime Coussoud MAVOUNGOU
  • Min. of Mines & Geology
    Pierre OBA
  • Min of Planning, Statistics and Regional Integration
    Ingrid Olga Ebouka BABAKAS
  • Min. of Post & Telecommunications
    Leon Juste IBOMBO
  • Min. of Primary & Secondary Education & Literacy
    Anatole Collinet MAKOSSO
  • Min. of Public Service & State Reform
    Ange Aime BININGA
  • Min. of Scientific Research & Technical Innovation
    Hellot Matson MAMPOUYA
  • Min. of Small & Medium-Size Enterprises, Handicrafts, & the Informal Sector
    Yvonne Adelaide MOUGANY
  • Min. of Social Affairs, Humanitarian Action, & Solidarity
    Antoinette Dinga DJONDO
  • Min. of Special Economic Zones
    Alain Akouala ATIPAULT
  • Min. of Sport & Physical Education
    Alfred Leon OPIMBAT
  • Min. of Technical, Professional, & Vocational Education & Employment
    Nicephore Antoine Thomas FYLLA Saint Eudes
  • Min. of Territorial Management & Major Projects
    Jean Jacques BOUYA
  • Min. of Tertiary Education
    Bruno Jean Richard ITOUA
  • Min. of Tourism & Leisure
    Arlette Soudan NONAULT
  • Min. of Transport, Civil Aviation, & Merchant Shipping
    Gilbert MOKOKI
  • Min. of Women Empowerment & Integration of Women in Development
    Ines Bertille Nefer INGANI
  • Min. of Youth & Civic Education
    Destinee Ermela DOUKAGA
  • Min.-Del. to the Minister of Interior, Decentralization & Local Development in charge of Decentralization & Local Development
    Charles NGAMFOUMOU
  • Min.-Del. to the Prime Min. in Charge of the Digital Economy & Planning
    Benoit BATY
  • Min.-Del. to the Prime Min. in Charge of Relations with Parliament
    Digne Elvis Tsalissan OKOMBI
  • Ambassador to the US
    Serge MOMBOULI
  • Permanent Representative to the UN, New York
    Raymond Serge BALE