Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Date of Information:19 Jan 2017
  • Pres.
    XI Jinping
  • Vice Pres.
    LI Yuanchao
  • Premier, State Council
    LI Keqiang
  • Executive Vice Premier, State Council
    ZHANG Gaoli
  • Vice Premier, State Council
    LIU Yandong
  • Vice Premier, State Council
    WANG Yang
  • Vice Premier, State Council
    MA Kai
  • State Councilor, State Council
    YANG Jing
  • State Councilor, State Council
    CHANG Wanquan
  • State Councilor, State Council
    YANG Jiechi
  • State Councilor, State Council
    GUO Shengkun
  • State Councilor, State Council
    WANG Yong
  • Sec. Gen., State Council
    YANG Jing
  • Chmn., Central Military Commission
    XI Jinping
  • Chmn., National Development & Reform Commission
    XU Shaoshi
  • Min. in Charge of the National Health and Family Planning Commission
    LI Bin
  • Min. in Charge of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission
  • Min. of Agriculture
    HAN Changfu
  • Min. of Civil Affairs
    HUANG Shuxian
  • Min. of Commerce
    GAO Hucheng
  • Min. of Culture
    LUO Shugang
  • Min. of Education
    CHEN Baosheng
  • Min. of Environmental Protection
    CHEN Jining
  • Min. of Finance
    XIAO Jie
  • Min. of Foreign Affairs
    WANG Yi
  • Min. of Housing & Urban-Rural Development
    CHEN Zhenggao
  • Min. of Human Resources & Social Security
    YIN Weimin
  • Min. of Industry & Information Technology
    MIAO Wei
  • Min. of Justice
    WU Aiying
  • Min. of Land & Resources
    JIANG Daming
  • Min. of National Defense
    CHANG Wanquan
  • Min. of Public Security
    GUO Shengkun
  • Min. of Science & Technology
    WAN Gang
  • Min. of State Security
    CHEN Wenqing
  • Min. of Supervision
  • Min. of Transportation
    LI Xiaopeng
  • Min. of Water Resources
    CHEN Lei
  • Auditor Gen., National Audit Office
    LIU Jiayi
  • Governor, People's Bank of China
    ZHOU Xiaochuan
  • Ambassador to the US
    CUI Tiankai
  • Permanent Representative to the UN, New York
    LIU Jieyi
  • Chief Executive
    LEUNG Chun-ying
  • Chief Sec. for Admin.
    Matthew CHEUNG Kin-chung
  • Sec. for Civil Service
    Clement CHEUNG Wan-ching
  • Sec. for Commerce & Economic Development
    Gregory SO Kam-leung
  • Sec. for Constitutional & Mainland Affairs
    Raymond TAM Chi-yuen
  • Sec. for Development
    Eric MA Siu-cheung (Acting)
  • Sec. for Education
    Eddie NG Hak-kim
  • Sec. for Environment
    WONG Kam-sing
  • Sec. for Finance
    Paul CHAN Mo-po
  • Sec. for Financial Services & the Treasury
    K. C. CHAN Ka-keung
  • Sec. for Food & Health
    KO Wing-man
  • Sec. for Home Affairs
    LAU Kong-wah
  • Sec. for Innovation & Technology
    Nicholas W. YANG
  • Sec. for Justice
    Rimsky YUEN Kwok-keung
  • Sec. for Labor & Welfare
    Stephen SUI Wai-keung (Acting)
  • Sec. for Security
    LAI Tung-kwok
  • Sec. for Transport & Housing
    Anthony CHEUNG Bing-leung
  • Chief Executive, Hong Kong Monetary Authority
    Norman CHAN Tak-lam
  • Chief Justice
    Geoffrey MA Tao-li
  • Pres., Legislative Council
    Andrew LEUNG Kwan-yuen
  • Commissioner of Police
    Stephen LO Wai-chung
  • Commissioner, Independent Commission Against Corruption
    Simon PEH Yun-lu
  • Director of Audit
    David SUN Tak-kei
  • Chief Executive
    Fernando CHUI Sai-on
  • Sec. for Admin. & Justice
    Florinda Da Rosa Silva CHAN
  • Sec. for Economics & Finance
    Francis TAM Pak-yuen
  • Sec. for Security
    CHEONG Kuoc Va
  • Sec. for Social Affairs & Culture
  • Sec. for Transport & Public Works
    LAU Si Io
  • Procurator Gen.
    HO Chio Meng
  • Pres., Court of Final Appeal
    SAM Hou Fai
  • Pres., Legislative Council
    HO Iat Seng
  • Commissioner, Audit
    HO Veng On
  • Commissioner, Independent Commission Against Corruption
    FONG Man Chong