Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Date of Information:16 Aug 2016
  • Pres.
    Idriss DEBY Itno
  • Prime Min.
    Albert Pahimi PADACKE
  • Min. of Breeding & Animal Production
    Abderahim YOUNOUS
  • Min. of Civil Aviation & National Meteorology
    Haoua ACYL
  • Min. of Communications & Spokesperson for the Govt.
    Madeleine ALINGUE
  • Min. of Economy & Development Planning
    Mariam Mahamat NOUR
  • Min. of Environment & Fishing
    Brah MAHAMAT
  • Min. of Finance & Budget
    Mbogo Ngabo SELI
  • Min. of Foreign Affairs, African Integration, & International Cooperation
    Moussa FAKI Mahamat
  • Min. of Industrial Development & Promotion of the Private Sector
    Mahamat Hamid KOUA
  • Min. of Infrastructure, Opening Up, & Transport
  • Min. of Justice & Human Rights & Keeper of the Seals
    Hamid Mahamat DAHALOB
  • Min. of National Education & Civic Promotion
    Ahmat Mahamat ACYL
  • Min. of Mines & Geology
    Gomdigue Baidi LOMEY
  • Min. of Petroleum & Energy in Charge of Promoting Renewable Energy
    Bechir MADET
  • Min. of Postal Service, New Technologies, & Information
    Mahamat Allahou TAHER
  • Min. of Production, Irrigation, & Agricultural Equipment
    Asseid Gamar SILECK
  • Min. of Professional Development & Promotion of Handicrafts
    Ahmat Hissein MOUGOUNI
  • Min. of Public Security & Immigration
    Ahmat Mahamat BACHIR
  • Min. of Public Health
    Hanssane NGUEADOUM
  • Min. Public Service, Labor, and Employment
    Abdelkerim Seid BAUCHE
  • Min. of Territorial Administration & Local Governance
    Bachar ALI
  • Min. of Territorial Development, Urban Planning, & Housing
    Houdeingar DAVID
  • Min. of Tourism, Culture, & Artisans
    Youssouf ABASSALAH
  • Min. of Water & Sanitation
    Sidick Abdelkerim HAGGAR
  • Min. of Women's Affairs, Family, & National Solidarity
    Ngarmbatna Carmel SOU IV
  • Min. of Youth & Sports
    Betel MIAROM
  • Sec. Gen. of the Govt.
    Haoua Outhman DJAME
  • Sec. Gen. of the Govt., in Charge of Reforms & Relations With Institutions
    Abdoulaye Sabre FADOUL
  • Min.-Del. at the Presidency of the Republic in Charge of National Defense & War Veterans
    Bichara Issa DJADALLAH
  • Min.-Del. to the Prime Minister in Charge of Local Democracy
  • Sec. of State for Agriculture
    Mahamat Ahmat SALEH
  • Sec. of State for Economy & Development Planning
    Sing-Yabe BARNABAS
  • Sec. of State for Finance & Budget
    Habiba SAHOULBA
  • Sec. of State for Foreign Affairs
    Elisabeth KADE
  • Sec. of State for Higher Education, Research, & Innovation
    Hissein Massar HISSEINE
  • Sec. of State for Infrastructure & Opening Up
    Banata Tchalet SOW
  • Sec. of State for National Education & Civic Promotion
    Hassan Ahmat PATCHA
  • Sec. of State for Production, Irrigation, & Agricultural Equipment
    Acheickh Ahmat Fariss KREBE
  • Sec. of State for Public Health
    Dersou KADBANSOU
  • Sec. of State for Territorial Admin. & Local Governance
    Aboubakar DJIBRILE
  • Ambassador to the US
    Mahamat Nasser HASSANE
  • Permanent Representative to the UN, New York