Antigua and Barbuda

Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Date of Information:7 Jan 2015
  • Governor Gen.
    Rodney WILLIAMS
  • Prime Min.
    Gaston BROWNE
  • Senior Min.
    Lester BIRD
  • Min. of Agriculture, Lands, Fisheries, & Barbuda Affairs
    Arthur NIBBS
  • Min. of Education, Science, & Technology
    Michael BROWN
  • Min. of Finance
    Gaston BROWNE
  • Min. of Foreign Affairs & Intl. Trade
    Charles FERNANDEZ
  • Min. of Health & the Environment
    Molwyn JOSEPH
  • Min. of Information, Broadcasting Telecommunications, & Information Technology
    Melville NICHOLAS
  • Min. for Legal Affairs, Labor, Immigration, & Police
    Steadroy BENJAMIN
  • Min. of Public Utilities, Civil Aviation, & Transportation
    Robin YEARWOOD
  • Min. of Social Transformation & Human Resource Development
    Samantha Nicole MARSHALL
  • Min. of Tourism, Economic Development, Investment, & Energy
    Asot Anthony MICHAEL
  • Min. of Trade, Commerce & Industries, Sports, Culture, & Community Services
    Paul Chet GREENE
  • Min. of Works & Housing
    Eustace Sylvester LAKE
  • Attorney Gen.
    Steadroy BENJAMIN
  • Ambassador to the US
    Deborah Mae LOVELL
  • Permanent Representative to the UN, New York
    Walton Alfonso WEBSON