The Koran

Translated from the Arabic by the Rev. J. M. Rodwell, M.A.


To Sir William Martin, K.T., D.C.L. Late Chief Justice of New Zealand, this volume is dedicated, with sincere feelings of esteem for his private worth, public services, and eminent literary attainments, by the translator.


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Sura XCVI — Thick Blood, or Clots of Blood
Sura LXXIV — The Enwrapped
Sura LXXIII — The Enfolded
Sura XCIII — The Brightness
Sura XCIV — The Opening
Sura CXIII — The Daybreak
Sura CXIV — Men
Sura I
Sura CIX — Unbelievers
Sura CXII — The Unity
Sura CXI — Abu Lahab
Sura CVIII — The Abundance
Sura CIV — The Backbiter
Sura CVII — Religion
Sura CII — Desire
Sura XCII — The Night
Sura LXVIII — The Pen
Sura XC — The Soil
Sura CV — The Elephant
Sura CVI — The Koreisch
Sura XCVII — Power
Sura LXXXVI — The Night-Comer
Sura XCI — The Sun
Sura LXXX — He Frowned
Sura LXXXVII — The Most High
Sura XCV — The Fig
Sura CIII — The Afternoon
Sura LXXXV — The Starry
Sura CI — The Blow
Sura XCIX — The Earthquake
Sura LXXXII — The Cleaving
Sura LXXXI — The Folded Up
Sura LXXXIV — The Splitting Asunder
Sura C — The Chargers
Sura LXXIX — Those Who Drag Forth
Sura LXXVII — The Sent
Sura LXXVIII — The News
Sura LXXXVIII — The Overshadowing
Sura LXXXIX — The Daybreak
Sura LXXV — The Resurrection
Sura LXXXIII — Those Who Stint
Sura LXIX — The Inevitable
Sura LI — The Scattering
Sura LII — The Mountain
Sura LVI — The Inevitable
Sura LIII — The Star
Sura LXX — The Steps or Ascents
Sura LV — The Merciful
Sura LIV — The Moon
Sura XXXVII — The Ranks
Sura LXXI — Noah
Sura LXXVI — Man
Sura XLIV — Smoke
Sura L — Kaf
Sura XX — Ta. Ha.
Sura XXVI — The Poets
Sura XV — Hedjr
Sura XIX. — Mary
Sura XXXVIII — Sad
Sura XXXVI — Ya. Sin
Sura XLIII — Ornaments of Gold
Sura LXXII — Djinn
Sura LXVII — The Kingdom
Sura XXIII — The Believers
Sura XXI — The Prophets
Sura XXV — Al Furkan
Sura XVII — The Night Journey
Sura XXVII — The Ant
Sura XVIII — The Cave
Sura XXXII — Adoration
Sura XLI — The Made Plain
Sura XLV — The Kneeling
Sura XVI — The Bee
Sura XXX — The Greeks
Sura XI — Houd
Sura XIV — Abraham, On Whom Be Peace
Sura XII — Joseph, Peace Be On Him
Sura XL — The Believer
Sura XXVIII — The Story
Sura XXXIX — The Troops
Sura XXIX — The Spider
Sura XXXI — Lokman
Sura XLII — Counsel
Sura X — Jonah, Peace Be On Him!
Sura XXXIV — Saba
Sura XXXV — The Creator, or the Angels
Sura VII — Al Araf
Sura XLVI — Al Ahkaf
Sura VI — Cattle
Sura XIII — Thunder
Sura II — The Cow
Sura XCVIII — Clear Evidence
Sura LXIV — Mutual Deceit
Sura LXII — The Assembly
Sura VIII — The Spoils
Sura XLVII — Muhammad
Sura III — The Family of Imran
Sura LXI — Battle Array
Sura LVII — Iron
Sura IV — Women
Sura LXV — Divorce
Sura LIX — The Emigration
Sura XXXIII — The Confederates
Sura LXIII. — The Hypocrites
Sura XXIV — Light
Sura LVIII — She Who Pleaded
Sura XXII — The Pilgrimage
Sura XLVIII — The Victory
Sura LXVI — The Forbidding
Sura LX — She Who Is Tried
Sura CX — Help
Sura XLIX — The Apartments
Sura IX. —Immunity
Sura V — The Table
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