November 2005 Disasters

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  • Nov. 6, Knight Township, Ind.: A fast moving line of thunderstorms spawned a tornado in southwestern Indiana and northern Kentucky that destroyed 130 mobile homes and killed 23 people.
  • Nov. 9, Amman, Jordan: Suicide bombers hit 3 American hotels, Radisson, Grand Hyatt and Days Inn, in Amman Jordan, killing 57. Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility.
  • Nov. 12, Iowa: An outbreak of 9 tornadoes struck Iowa, killing 1.
  • Nov. 15, Midwest U.S.: A series of thunderstorms moved through the Midwest from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes spawning 30 tornadoes in 6 states, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Tennessee, that destroyed houses and killed 2 people.
  • Nov. 20, Honduras: Heavy rainfall caused by Tropical Storm Gamma killed 37. Gamma was the 24th named storm in the Atlantic this year, breaking the record of named Atlantic storms since 1851.
  • Nov. 13, Harbin, China: A toxic spill from a petrochemical plant blast sent more than 100 tons of benzene, a cancer-causing substance, down the Songhua River.
  • Nov. 27, Heilongjiang Province, China: Explosion at the Dongfeng Coal Mine in China killed 171.
  • Nov. 27–28, Midwest, U.S.: Blizzard conditions and storms from Texas to the Dakotas caused treacherous travel, shutting down miles of highways, and stranding Thanksgiving holiday travellers. The same storm spawned several tornadoes in Kansas and Arkansas damaging homes.
  • Nov. 29, Atlantic: Hurricane Epsilon was the 25th named storm in the Atlantic this year and the 14th hurricane, breaking the record of named Atlantic storms since 1851. See 2005 Hurricane Season

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