June 2005 Disasters

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
  • June, Southern China: widespread flooding for the month of June, particularly in southern China, killed 536 people. In addition the floods damaged dikes, reservoirs, roads, rail lines, and millions of acres of crops.
  • June 8?13, Pensacola, Fl.: the first tropical storm of the Atlantic hurricane season,?Arlene?, made landfall in Pensacola June 8th, dropping heavy rainfall on the lower Mississippi valley.
  • June 12, Northwest China: a flash flood, triggered by torrential rains, swept through an elementary school in Ning'an, in northeast Heilongjiang province, killing at least 117 of which 105 were children.
  • June 13, Chile: a 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit Chile and Peru about 940 miles north of Santiago, killing 11.
  • June 18?19, Calgary, Alberta, Canada: flooding of the Elbow and Bow rivers, from a week of rain, impacted hundreds of homes, forcing the evacuation of more than 1,500.
  • June 19, N.D: strong thunderstorms and 100 mph winds battered North Dakota.

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