June 2016: Hillary Clinton Becomes First Woman Presumptive Nominee

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff

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Here's a slideshow depicting the major U.S. news events of June 2016.

Hillary Clinton Becomes First Woman Presumptive Nominee
image of Hillary Clinton greeting supporters at a presidential primary election night rally
After victories in California, New Jersey, and New Mexico primaries on June 7, 2016, Hillary Clinton becomes the Democratic Party's presumptive nominee, having clinched 2,203 pledged delegates and 574 superdelegates. While 2,383 delegates are needed for nomination (superdelegates can change their minds until the convention vote), it looks pretty clear that Clinton will get the nod at the national convention in July. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders wins Montana and North Dakota and pledges to stay in the race. On June 9, President Obama officially endorses Hillary Clinton.
Photo source: AP Photo/Julio Cortez
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