August 2016 Current Events: World News Slideshow

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Here's a slideshow depicting the major world news events of August 2016.

Nearly 2,000 Killed in Phillipine Government Anti-Drug Campaign
Image of Philippine police blocking activists
On August 23, 2016, it is reported that there are more than 1,900 deaths in the Philippines due to extrajudicial killings of drug peddlers, traffickers, criminals, and addicts. These deaths are a direct result of President Rodrigo Duterte's encouragement of vigilante-style justice. President Duterte entered office seven weeks ago and made a commitment to eradicate crime in the country that has a long history of drug-related violence; his actions as president are attracting a lot of attention from the United Nations and Human Rights Watch as the country devolves into violence. The president enjoys a high approval rating from the citizens of the Philippines.
Photo source: AP Photo/Aaron Favila
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