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Updated February 28, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
My Unusual Vacation
Send us your most memorable vacation experiences

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Tell us about your most interesting, unusual, or odd-ball vacation experience. Have you taken a tour of all the major U.S. amusement parks, trekked through the rainforests of Borneo, visited the Barbed Wire museum in Texas, rafted down the Mekong, or took a comprehensive tour of the Latvian communities of New Jersey? We want to post your story and share it with our readers. Feel free to submit photos or URLs as illustrations.

Inspiration From Our Readers

Finding Our Roots

We were trying to find our "Coulter" ancestors and checked every graveyard we could find all over southern Ireland....

Well It Went To A Good Home

We left Wyoming where we had bought a piece of blue leather that I was going to paint on. We were returning home...

Trekking Through Tasmania

The most memorable vacation I ever took was to Tasmania, on the southern tip of Australia....

In Search of Mars (Bars)

On the train ride up to the Scottish Highlands, my friends and I met a man who said we must have a deep-fried...

Iguass Falls

Nestled in the jungle at the borders of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay, Iguass Falls is certainly off the beaten track...

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