Marriage and Household Statistics

Discover a variety of fascinating statistics about American families, including household size and distribution by age, marriage and divorce information, and the number of adopted and fostered children in the United States.

Marriage and Divorce

Marital Status of the Population

Median Age at First Marriage

Percent Never Married

Marriages and Divorces

Married-Couple and Unmarried-Partner Households for the U.S. and Regions

Characteristics of Unmarried Partners and Married Spouses

Unmarried-Partner Households by Sex of Partners and Race and Hispanic Origin of Householder

Household Populations

Households by Size

Families and Married Couples

Households by Type

Families by Type, Race, and Hispanic Origin

Young Adults Living at Home

Persons Living Alone, by Sex and Age

Explosion Among Older Americans

65 Years and Over by Age

Adoption and Foster Care

Slideshow: Famous Adoptees or Adopters

The History of Adoption

Statistics for Women Ages 18-44

Statistics for Men Ages 18-44

U.S. International Adoptions: Top 20 Countries of Origin

Adoption Totals

Adoption Trends

Children in Foster Care

Child Abuse and Neglect

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