The Journals of Lewis & Clark: March 31, 1805

by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
March 30, 1805
April 1, 1805

March 31, 1805

31 h of March Monday 1805 Cloudy Several gangus of Ducks and Gees pass up not much ice floating. All the party in high Spirits, but fiew nights pass without a Dance they are helth. except the-vn. -which is common with the Indians and have been communicated to many of our party at this place- those favores bieng easy acquired. all Tranquille

31t of March Monday 1805

Cloudy Day Seven Gangs of Gees and Ducks pass up the river- but a Small portion of ice floating down to day- but fiew Inds visit us to day all the party in high Spirits they pass but fiew nights without amuseing themselves danceing possessing perfect harmony and good understanding towards each other Generally healthy except venerials complains which is verry Commion amongst the natives and the men Catch it from them