The Journals of Lewis & Clark: September 3, 1804

by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
September 2, 1804
September 4, 1804

September 3, 1804

3rd September Monday 1804. Set out at Sun rise, verry Cold morning clear and but little wind from the N W. we proceeded on, the river wide, took an obsivation below Plumb Creek which mouths on the S S. this Creek is Small & corns in between 2 white banks, Great quantities of Plumbs of a most delisious flavour, I have collected the Seed of 3 Kinds which I intend to Send to my brother, also Som grapes of a Superior quallity large & well flavoured, the river is riseing a little, Several wild Goats Seen in the Plains they are wild & fleet Elk & Buffalow is verry plenty, Scercely any timber in Countrey except a little on the river in the Points. Saw Some Signs of the 2 men who are a head, Colter has not over taken Shannon Camped on the L. S. at the edge of a Plain-

3rd of September Monday 1804

a verry Cold morning wind from N. W. we Set out at Sun rise, & proceeded on to a Bluff below the mouth of Plumb 12 yds. Creek on the S. S. and took an obsevation of the Suns Altitude

This Creek is Small it "abounds with blumbs of a Delicious flavour" the River is wide and Crouded with Sand bars- it is riseing a little but little timber in this Countrey all that is, is on the river in the points. we Came too on the L. Sin the edge of a Plain an Camped for the night- we Saw Some Signs of the two men Shannon & Colter, Shannon appeared to be a head of Colter- The White banks appear to Continu on both sides of the river. Grapes plenty and finely flavered-