The Journals of Lewis & Clark: December 6, 1804

by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
December 5, 1804
December 7, 1804

December 6, 1804

Fort Mandan

6th of December Thursday 1804

The wind blew violently hard from the N, N W. with Some Snow the air Keen and Cold. The Thermometer at 8 oClock A, M, Stood at 10 dgs. above o- at 9 oClock a man & his Squar Came down with Some meat for the inturpeter his dress was a par mockersons of Buffalow Skin Pr. Legins of Goat Skin & a Buffalow robe, 14 ring of Brass on his fingers, this metel the Mandans ar verry fond off- Cold after noon river rise 11/2 Inch to day