The Journals of Lewis & Clark: November 27, 1804

by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
November 26, 1804
November 28, 1804

November 27, 1804

27th of November Tuesday 1804

a cloudy morning after a verry Cold night, the River Crouded with floating ice wind from the N W. finished Dobing Capt. Lewis returned from the Villages with two Chiefs Mar-noh toh & Man-nes-sur ree & a Considerate man with the party who accompanied him, The Menitares, (or Big bellies) were allarmed at the tales told them by the Mandans Viz: that we intended to join the Seaux to Cut off them in the Course of the winter, many Circumstances Combind to give force to those reports i e the movements of the interpeters & their families to the Fort, the strength of our work &. &.

all those reports was contridicted by Capt Louis with a Conviction on the minds of the Indians of the falsity of those reports- the Indians in all the towns & Camps treated Capt Lewis & the party with Great respect except one of the principal Cheifs Mar par pa par ra pas a too or (Horned Weasel) who did not Chuse to be Seen by the Capt. & left word that he was not at home &.

Seven Traders arrived from the fort on the Ossinaboin from the N W Companey one of which Lafrances took upon himself to speak unfavourably of our intentions &. the princpal Mr. La Rock, (& Mr. McKensey) was informed of the Conduct of their interpeter & the Consiquinces if they did not put a Stop to unfavourable & ill founded assursions &c. &.

The two Chiefs much pleased with their treatments & the Cherefullness of the party, who Danced to amuse them &c. &c.

The river fall 2 Inches verry Cold and began to Snow at 8 oClock P M and Continued all night- Some miss understanding with Jussomm & his woman- at Day the Snow Seased