The Journals of Lewis & Clark: Clark, November 30, 1804

Clark, November 30, 1804

30th in the morning early a Indian Came to the river opposit & requsted to be brought over, that he had Some thing to Say from his nation we Sent for him, and after he had Smoked- he Said he thought the river was frosted across here & expected to Cross on the ice

7 or 8 Mandans out hunting in a S. W, Derection from this place about 8 Leagues, after they had made their hunt and on their return was attackted by a large Party of Seaux, one of the party a young Chief was Killed 2 wounded & 9 horses taken, the men who made their escape Say the one half of the party who attacked them was Panias-

The two Panias who Came here a fiew days ago was imediately Sent home, for fear of their being put to death by the party Defeated

Two of the attacting party was Known to be Panies. The man who was killed mentioned that after he was wounded, that he had been at war & been wounded, "this day I shall die like a man before my Enimies,! tell my father that I died bravely, and do not greive for me-"

4 of the Big bellies who were Camped near thos is missing, and Searching for him in their Camps above- no one Dare to go to the ground where the battle was for fear of the Sioux being noumerous-.