The Journals of Lewis & Clark: Clark, October 31, 1804

Clark, October 31, 1804

black Cat or Pose-cop-sa-he 1st Chief of the Mandans & 2d Village

"I believe what you have told us in Council, & that peace will be general, which not only givs me pleasure, but Satisfaction to all the nation, they now Can hunt without fear, and our womin Can work in the fields without looking every moment for the enimey-" as to the Ricares we will Show you that we wish piace with all, and do not make war on any with out Cause, that Chief pointing to the 2d of the Village and Some young men will accompany the Ricrea Chief home to his Nation to Smoke with that people- When the Indians of the Different Villages heard of your Comeing up they all Came in from hunting to See, they expected Great presents. they were disapointed, and Some dissatisfied- as to my Self I am not much So, but my Village are- he believed the roade was open; and he would go and See his great father- he Delivered Up 2 Traps which had been taken from the french, & gave me a roabe & about 12 bushels of Corn- & smoked &c

I answered the Speech it explained, many parts which he Could not understand-of the Speech of yesterday.