The Journals of Lewis & Clark: Clark, May 29, 1804

Clark, May 29, 1804

May 29th Tuesday rained last night, Cloudy morning 4 hunters Sent out with Orders to return at 12 oClock Took equal altitudes of Suns Lower limb found it 105° 31' 45"

Cap Lewis observed meridean altitude of sun U L-back observation with the octant & artificeal horozen- gave for altitude on the Limb 38° 44' 00" sun octant Error 2 0 0 +

had the Perogues loaded and all perpared to Set out at 4 oClock after finishing the observations & all things necessary found that one of the hunters had not returned, we deturmined to proceed on & leave one perogue to wate for him, accordingly at half past four we Set out and came on 4 miles & camped on the Lbd Side above a Small Creek Called Deer Creek, Soon after we came too we heard Several guns fire down the river, we answered them by a Discharge of a Swivile on the Bow