The Journals of Lewis & Clark: Clark, October 29, 1804

Clark, October 29, 1804

29th of October 1804 a fine morning after Brackfast we were Visited by the Old Chief of the Big Bellies or me ne tar res, this Man has Given his power to his Son who is now on a war party against the Snake Indians who inhabit the Rockey Mountains, the S W wind verry high- we met in Council under an orning and our Sales Stretched round to keep out as much wind as possible & Delivered a long Speach Similar to what had been Said to the nations below, the old Chief was restless before the Speech was half ended, observed his Camp was exposed & could wait no longer &c. at the Conclusion of the Speach we mentioned the Ricaras & requested them to make a peace & Smoke out of the Sacred Stem with their Chief which I intreduced and gave him the pipe of peace to hand around, they all Smoked with eagerness out of the pipe held by the Ricara Chief Ar-ke-tar-na-Shar we mentioned our hands that were to be discharged here, also the roberrey commited on th 2 french men below, & requested them to answere us tomorrow, gave the Chief Small preasents and a fiew presents for each village Shot the air gun which both Surprised and astonished the nativs, and Soon dispersed

our Ricara Chief Came told me he wished to return to his nation tomorrow I put him off & Said we would Send a talk by him after the Chiefs had Spoken to us- we gave a Steel mill to the mandans which was verry pleasing to them

The Chief who recved Medals to Day are as follows viz-in Council

is Mandan village Ma-too-ton kai s Chief Sha-ha-ka Big White 2nd Ka-goh-ha-me little Crows

2 do village Roop tar-hee

1 s & grand Chief Poss-cop-sa-he Black Cat

2d Chief Car-gar-no-mok-she raven man Chief

Mah har-ha village

is Chief Ta-tuck-co pin re has, white Buffalow Skin unfolded

Little Menetarre village

is Chief Omp-Se-ha-ra Black mockerson. 2d Chief Oh-hark little Fox.

The Grand village of Manetarres, The One Eye is the principal Chief and he is out on a hunting party. we Send by the Grape all the articles for this grand Chief and all the Village what goods was intended for that Village- The Prarie got on fire and went with Such Violenc & Speed as to Catch a man & woman & burn them to Death, Several escapd. among other a Small boy who was Saved by getting under a green Buffalow Skin, this boy was half white, & the Indians Say all white flesh is medisan, they Say the grass was not burnt where the boy Sat &c. &. this fire passed us at 8 oClock, and lookd truly tremendious.