The Journals of Lewis & Clark: Clark, October 27, 1804

Clark, October 27, 1804

27th of October Satturday 1804 we Set out early and Came too at the village on the L. S. where we delayed a few minits, I walked to a Chiefs Logg & Smoked with them, but Could not eat, which did displease them a little, here I met with a Mr. Jessomme, who lived in this nation 13 years, I got him to interpet & he proceedd on with us we proceeded on to a Centeral point opposit the Knife River, & formed a Camp on the S. S. above the 2d Mandan village & opsd. the Mah-har-ha village- and raised a flag Staff- Capt Lewis & the Intepeters walked down to the 2d Village of Mandans, & returned in about an hour, we Sent 3 Carrotes of tobacco to the other villages & enviting them to come down and Council with us tomorrow,- we endeaver to precure Some Knowledge of the principal Chiefs of the Different nations &.- well to give my ideas as to the impression thais man makes on me is a Cunin artfull an insoncear - he tels me he was once empld. by my brother in the Illinois & of his description I conceve as a Spye upon the British of Michillinicknac & St Joseph,s we think he may be made use full to us & do employ him as an interpeter- no. of Indians bring their wives &c. to the campes of our party on Shore &c.