The Journals of Lewis & Clark: Clark, October 11, 1804

Clark, October 11, 1804


October the 11th Thursday 1804 we met in Council to hear what the Grand Chief Ka kaw issassa had to Say in answer to the Speech of yesterday

The Grand Chief rose and spoke as follows i, e,

My Fathers-! My heart is glader than it ever was before to See my fathers.- a repetition.

If you want the road open no one Can provent it it will always be open for you.

Can you think any one Dare put their hands on your rope of your boat. No! not one dar

When you Get to the mandans we wish you to Speak good words with that Nation for us. we wish to be at peace with them.

It gives us pain that we do not Know how to work the Beaver, we will make Buffalow roabs the best we Can.

when you return if I am living you will See me again the same man The Indian in the prarie know me and listen to my words, when you come they will meet to See you.

We Shall look at the river with impatient for your return. Finished