The Journals of Lewis & Clark: Clark, October 1, 1804

Clark, October 1, 1804

The red Berry is Called by the Rees Nar-nis-

The Ricares

Names of the nations who come to the Ricares to trafick and bring Horses & robes

1. * Kun-na-nar-wesh Gens de vash Blue beeds 2. ° Noo-tar-wau Hill Climbers 3. * Au ner-hoo the people who pen Buffalow to Catch them 4. * To-che-wah-Coo Fox Indians 5. * To-pah-cass White hair's 6. * Cat-tar kah Paducar 7. * Kie-wah Tideing Indians 8. * Too war Sar Skin pricks 9. Shar ha (Chien) the village on the other Side 10. We hee Shaw (Chien) The villages on this Side

Those nation all live on the praries from S W. by S. to West of the Ricaries, all Speek different languages and are numerous all follow the Buffalow and winter in the mountains. The Mandans Call a red berry common to the upper part of the Missouri As-say the engages call the Same berry grease de Buff- grows in great abundance a makes a Delightfull Tart