The Journals of Lewis & Clark: Clark, August 31, 1804

Clark, August 31, 1804

31st of August

We gave a Certificate to two Men of War, attendants on the Chief gave to all the Chiefs a Carrot of Tobacco- had a talk with Mr. Dorion, who agreed to Stay and Collect the Chiefs from as many Bands of Soux as he coud this fall & bring about a peace between the Sciuex & their neighbours &. &c. &c.

after Dinner we gave Mr. Peter Darion, a Comission to act with a flag & some Cloathes & Provisions & instructions to bring about a peace with the Scioux Mahars, Panies, Ponceries, Ottoes & Missouries- and to employ any trader to take Some of the Cheifs of each or as many of those nations as he Could Perticularly the Sceiouex- I took a Vocabulary of the Scioux Language- and the Answer to a fiew quaries Such as refured to ther Situation, Trade, number War, &c. &c.- This Nation is Divided into 20 Tribes, possessing Seperate interests- Collectively they are noumerous Say from 2 to 3000 men, their interests are so unconnected that Some bands are at war with Nations which other bands are on the most friendly terms. This Great Nation who the French has given the nickname of Sciouex, Call them selves Dar co tar their language is not peculiarly their own, they Speak a great number of words, which is the Same in every respect with the Maha, Poncaser, Osarge & Kanzies. which Clearly proves that those nation at Some Period not more that a century or two past the Same nation- Those Dar ca ter's or Scioux inhabit or rove over the Countrey on the Red river of Lake Winipeck, St. Peter's & the West of the Missippie above Prarie De chain heads of River Demoin, and the Missouri and its waters on the N. Side for a great extent. They are only at peace with 8 Nations, & agreeable to their Calculation at war with twenty odd.- Their trade Corns from the British, except this Band and one on Demoin who trade with the Traders of St Louis- The furnish Beaver Martain, Loues Pikon, Bear and Deer Skins-and have about 40 Traders among them. The Dar co tar or Sceouex rove & follow the Buffalow raise no corn or any thing else the woods & praries affording a Suffcency, the eat Meat, and Substitute the Ground potato which grow in the Plains for bread The names of the Different Tribes or Canoes of the Sceoux or Dar co tar Nation

1st Che cher ree Yank ton (or bois rulay) now present inhabit the Sciouex & Demoin rivers and the Jacques.

2nd Hoin de borto (Poles) they rove on the heads of Souix & Jacqus Rivers-

3rd Me ma car jo (make fence of the river) rove on the Countrey near the big bend of the Missouries

4th Sou on, Teton (People of the Prarie) the rove in the Plains N. of the Riv Missouries above this

5th Wau pa coo tar (Leaf beds) the live near the Prare de Chain near the Missippi

6th Te tar ton (or village of Prarie) rove on the waters of the Mississippi above Prarie de Chain

7th Ne was tar ton (big water Town) rove on the Missippi above the St. Peters River

8th Wau pa tow (Leaf nation) live 10 Leagues up St Peters river

9th Cas Car ba (white man) live 35 Leagus up St Peters river

10th Mi ca cu op si ba (Cut bank) rove on the head of St. Peters

11th Sou on (-) rove on St peters river in the Prareis

12th Sou si toons (-) live 40 Legus up the St peters river

The names of the other bands neither of the Souex's interpters could inform me. in the evening late we gave Mr. Dourion a bottle of whiskey, & he with the Cheifs & his Son Crossed the river and Camped on the Opposit bank- Soon after night a violent wind from the N W. with rain the rain Continud the greater part of the night The river a riseing a little.