The Journals of Lewis & Clark: Clark, July 25, 1804

Clark, July 25, 1804

White Catfish Camp

25th of July Wednesday a fair morning Several hunters out today at 2 oClock Drewyer & Peter returned from the Otteaus Village; and informs that no Indians were at their towns, They Saw Some fresh Signs of a Small party but Could not find them. in their rout to the Towns (Which is about 18 miles West) they passed thro a open Prarie Crossed papillion or Butterfly Creek and a Small butifull river which run into the Platt a little below the Town Called Corne de charf or Elk Horn river this river is about 100 yards wide with Clear water & a gravely Channel.- wind from the S. E two Deer Killed to day 1 Turkey Several Grous Seen to day.