The Journals of Lewis & Clark: Clark, November 29, 1805

Clark, November 29, 1805

November 29th Friday 1805

Blew hard and rained the greater part of the last night and this morning, Capt Lewis and 5 men Set out in our Small Indian canoe (which is made in the Indian fashion Calculated ride the waves) down the South Side of the river to the place the Indians informed us by Signs that numbers of Elk were to be found near the river- The Swells and waves being too high for us to proceed down in our large Canoes, in Safty

I Sent out two hunters to hunt deer, & one to hunt fowl, all the others employed in drying their leather and prepareing it for use, as but fiew of them have many other Clothes to boste of at this time, we are Smoked verry much in this Camp The Shore on the Side next the Sea is Covered with butifull pebble of various Colours- our diat at this time and for Severall days past is the dried pounded fish we purchased at the falls boiled in a little Salt water