The Journals of Lewis & Clark: Clark, April 21, 1806

Clark, April 21, 1806

April 21st 1806

a fair Cold morning. I find it useless to offer any articles or attempt to trade at this village and therefore deturmine to ____ before I rose the house was Crouded with Indians to Smoke I gave them none. they are well Supplied with Straw & bark bags ready to hold their pounded fish. at 12 oClock the advance of the party from below arived and Soon after the Canoes all things were taken above the falls & 2 Canoes, turned out the horss and Cooked & Eat 2 dogs which we purchased of the nativs, purchased one horse for Which we are to give a Kittle which was given by us to a man for a horse 3 days past &c. the horse was either taken or Strayed off. The Chief from below Came up and appeared Concerned for what had been done at his Village (See Journal)

a 4 P M loaded up & Set out the Canoes also proceed on about 3 miles opposit to the Mouth of Clarks river, and an Indian man who has attached himself to us and who has lent us a horse to pack & lives near the Rocky mountains. he told us that as the day was far Spent we had better Camp at a village of 9 Lodges a little off the road opsd. the River CClarks This river has a great falls above 2 forks on its West Side. we formed a Camp purchased Some wood & 3 dogs for which we gave pewter buttons which buttons we had made &c. but fiew Indians with us this evining purchased an old horse and tied up all the horses when we went to bed

Those are the Same people with those below at the falls. See journal for the next day-

Skad data ill looking people reside to the N about 18 or 20 miles they played against the Skillutes a game they Call ____ 9 of a Side and lost all the beeds & other articles

also a Single game with 2 black & 2 white Sticks under a kind of hat. 2 men played this game is intricit and each party has 4 pegs to count it

The former game is played with 2 bones or Sticks about the Size of a large quill and 2 inches long passing from one hand to the other and the adverse party guess. See description before mentioned. The nations abov at the falls also play this game and bet high