The Journals of Lewis & Clark: Clark, November 5, 1805

Clark, November 5, 1805

Novr. 5th Tuesday 1805

a Cloudy morning Som rain the after part of last night & this morning. I could not Sleep for the noise kept by the Swans, Geese, white & black brant, Ducks &c. on a opposit base, & Sand hill Crane, they were emensely numerous and their noise horrid. We Set out at Sun rise & our hunters killed 10 Brant 4 of which were white with black wings 2 Ducks, and a Swan which were divided, we Came too and Encamped on the Lard. Side under a high ridgey land, the high land come to the river on each Side. the river about 11/2 mile wide. those high lands rise gradually from the river & bottoms- we are all wet Cold and disagreeable, rain Continues & encreases. I killed a Pheasent which is very fat- my feet and legs cold. I saw 17 Snakes to day on a Island, but little appearance of Frost at this place.