The Journals of Lewis & Clark: Clark, June 26, 1805

Clark, June 26, 1805

June 26th Wednesday 1805

Some rain last night this morning verry Cloudy the party Set out this morning verry early with their loads to the Canoe Consisting of Parched meal Pork Powder Lead axes, Tools Bisquit, P. Soup & Some Merchendize & Clothes &c. &c. I gave Serjt. Pryor a dolt of Salts, & Set Chabonah to trying up the Buffalow tallow & put into the empty Kegs &c. I assort our articles for to be left at this place buried, ____ Kegs of Pork, 1/2 a Keg of flour, 2 blunderbuts, ____ Caterrages a few Small lumbersom articles Capt Lewiss Desk and Some books & Small articles in it

The wind from the N. W. verry worm flying Clouds in the evening the wind Shifted round to the East & blew hard, which is a fair wind for the two Canoes to Sail on the Plains across the portage, I had three Kegs of Buffalow Grease tried up. Great numbers of Buffalow opposite to our Camp watering to day.