The Journals of Lewis & Clark: Clark, April 3, 1805

Clark, April 3, 1805

April the 3rd Thursday 1805

a white frost this morning, Some ice on the edge of the water, a fine day Pack up and prepare to load

Mrs. La Roche & McKinsey Clerk to the N W. Compy. visit us. Mr. McKinzey wishes to get pay for his horse lost in our Service this winter and one of which was robed this winter by the Tetons, we Shall pay this man for his horse. we are all day ingaged packing up Sundery articles to be Sent to the President of the U. S.

bow an quiver of arrows-with some Ricara's tobacco seed

No. 11 a Martin Skin, Containing the tail of a Mule Deer, a weasel and three Squirels from the Rockey mountains.

No. 12. The bones & Skeleton of a Small burrowing wolf of the Praries the Skin being lost by accident.

No. 99 The Skeliton of the white and Grey hare.

Box No. 2, contains 4 Buffalow Robes, and a ear of Mandan Corn.

The large Trunk Contains a male & female Brarow and female's Skeliton.

a Carrote of Ricaras Tobacco

a red fox Skin Containing a Magpie.

No. 14 Minitarras Buffalow robe Containing Some articles of Indian dress.

No. 15 a Mandan robe containing two burrowing Squirels, a white weasel and the Skin of a Loucirvea.


13 red fox Skins.

1 white Hare Skin &.

4 horns of the mountain ram

1 Robe representing a battle between the Sioux & Ricaras, Minetarras and Mandans.

In Box No. 3.

nos. 1 & 2 The Skins of the Male & female Antelope with their Skelitons. & the Skin of a yellow Bear which I obtained from the Scions

No. 4. Box Specimens of plants numbered from 1 to 67.

Specimens of Plants numbered frome 1 to 60.

1 Earthen pot Such as the Mandans Manufacture and use for culinary purposes .

Box No 4 Continued

1 Tin box, containing insects mice &c. a Specimine of the fur of the antelope.

a Specimon of a plant, and a parcel of its roots highly prized by the natives as

an efficatious remidy in Cases of the bite of the rattle Snake or Mad Dog.

In a large Trunk

Skins of a Male and female Braro, or burrowing Dog of the Prarie, with the Skeliton of the female.

1 Skin of the red fox Containing a Magpie.

2 Cased Skins of the white hare.

1 Minitarra Buffalow robe Containing Some articles of Indian Dress

1 Mandan Buffalow robe Containing a dressed Lousirva Skin, and 2 Cased Skins of the Burrowing Squirel of the Praries.

13 red fox Skins

4 Horns of the Mountain Ram or big horn.

1 Buffalow robe painted by a mandan man representing a battle fought 8 years Since by the Sioux & Ricaras against the mandans, menitarras & Ah wah bar ways (Mandans &c. on horseback)

Cage No. 6.

Contains a liveing burrowing Squirel of the praries

Cage No. 7.

Contains 4 liveing magpies

Cage No. 9.

Containing a liveing hen of the Prarie

a large par of Elks horns containing by the frontal bone-