The Journals of Lewis & Clark: Clark, February 28, 1805

Clark, February 28, 1805

28th of February 1805 Thursday Mr. Gravilin 2 frenchmen and 2 Ricaras arrived from the Ricaras with letters from Mr. Tahoe &c. informing us of the Deturmination of the Ricaras to follow our councils- and the threts & intintions of the Sioux in Killing us whenever they again met us- and that a party of Several bands were formeing to attacke the Mandans &c. &c.

we informed the Mandans & others of this information & also the wish the Ricars had to live near them & fite the Sioux &c. &c. &c.

despatched 16 Men 5 Miles abov to build 6 Canoes for the voyage, being Deturmend to Send back the Barge