Characteristics of Unmarried Partners and Married Spouses, 2000

(in thousands)

The following table shows the number and percent of unmarried partners and married spouses in the United States according to sex, age, race, education, labor force status, personal earnings, and presence of children.

 Unmarried partnersMarried spousesUnmarried partnersMarried spouses
 15 to 24 years old5979371,3212,38615.624.52.34.2
 25 to 34 years old1,4131,2699,29610,96437.033.216.519.4
 35 years old and over1,8111,61645,88143,14647.442.381.276.4
Race and Hispanic origin    
 Asian and Pacific Islander631052,1182,3931.
 Hispanic (of any race)4534335,5505,67111.911.39.810.0
 Less than high school6835998,3147,16017.915.714.712.7
 High school graduate1,4411,35717,50619,95037.735.531.035.3
 Some college9961,22314,00214,96826.132.024.826.5
 College graduate70264316,67414,41918.416.829.525.5
Labor force status
 Not in labor force45374712,65021,46811.919.522.438.0
Personal earnings        
Without earnings40264211,35319,36810.516.820.134.3
With earnings3,4193,17845,14437,13289.583.279.965.7
 Under $5,0001843731,8744,6834.
 $5,000 to $9,9992863951,6654,1837.510.32.97.4
 $10,000 to $14,9993604452,4014,4979.411.64.28.0
 $15,000 to $19,9994104413,1014,42710.711.55.57.8
 $20,000 to $24,9994013973,5614,24910.510.46.37.5
 $25,000 to $29,9993363153,5953,4298.
 $30,000 to $39,9995484057,4924,95414.310.613.38.8
 $40,000 to $49,9993372016,0962,9768.85.310.85.3
 $50,000 to $74,9993701378,7032,6839.73.615.44.7
 $75,000 and over187696,6561,0514.91.811.81.9
Presence of children        
 With children11,5631,56325,77125,77140.940.945.645.6
NOTE: Data are not shown separately for the American Indian and Alaska Native population because of the small sample size in the Current Population Survey in March 2000.
1. May be own children of either partner or both partners. Excludes ever married children under 18 years.
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Current Population Survey, March 2000.

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