The Congress of Women: Preface


The Columbian Exposition, in its unrivaled physical beauty, has culminated and vanished like the blossoms of a gorgeous Century plant, leaving only a memory of its superb efflorescence and subtle charm. In order that the efforts made in its behalf may not all be lost, and that a reminder of its aesthetic and educational influence may remain with us, Mrs. James P. Eagle, the untiring and devoted chairman, has collected in permanent form the valuable papers secured by herself and her committee for the Congresses in the Woman's Building.

Nothing could be more broadly representative than the catholic presentation given in these Congresses to many important topics from many points of view. The names contained in the list of contributors are in themselves a sufficient guaranty of the great merit of the papers, which were so warmly received at the time of their presentation.

I trust that the final and important service performed by Mrs. Eagle in placing these papers within reach of the public, may receive the indorsement which it merits.

- Bertha M. Honore Palmer