Most Expensive U.S. Colleges and Universities, 2015–2016

The 20 most expensive colleges and universities in the United States exceed $60,000 per year for tuition plus room and board and other required fees.

RankCollegeTotal Cost
1.Harvey Mudd College$67,255
2.Columbia University$66,383
3.New York University$65,860
4.Sarah Lawrence College$65,630
5.University of Chicago$64,965
6.Bard College at Simon's Rock$64,519
7.University of Southern California$64,482
8.Claremont McKenna College$64,325
9.Oberlin College$64,266
10.Scripps College$64,260
11.Bard College$64,254
12.Haverford College$64,216
13.Duke University$64,188
14.Dartmouth College$64,134
15.Northwestern University$63,983
16.Trinity College$63,970
17.Pitzer College$63,880
18.Southern Methodist University$63,840
19.Amherst College$63,772
20.Johns Hopkins University$63,750
NOTES: Includes accredited four-year universities offering at least a bachelor's degree and having at least 800 students.
1. Total Cost = Tuition + Room and Board + Required Fees for academic year 2015–2016.
Source: Business Insider.


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