Jeb Bush: Campaign Issues

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Where he stands

2016 Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush, 2015
Source: Jim Cole for Associated Press

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  • Believes the Affordable Care Act is flawed and doesn't work
  • Wants to change Medicaid from "defined benefit" to defined contribution
  • Against physician-assisted suicide
  • Wants to provide risk-adjusted insurance vouchers
  • Said in Feb. 2015 that "you should vaccinate your children; over and out"


  • Has said that mortgage bankers created the recession and they should resolve it
  • Increased Florida's budget by 27% during his terms
  • Supports constitutional balanced budget amendment
  • Wants more bankruptcy reform and limitations, protect states' role in it.
  • Privatization was his general philosophy while governor
  • Believes social security benefits should come from private, faith-based companies.
  • Wants to remove Intangibles Tax on stocks, bonds, and dividends because it "helps seniors and savers"
  • Believes in letting states determine estate taxes


  • Stated in Jan. 2015 that immigrants are "an engine of economic vitality"
  • An advocate for illegal immigrants residency
  • Supports reform that will make it easier to come to the U.S. legally
  • Believes education reform is more critical than immigration reform
  • Wants to split the cost of legal immigration between state and federal governments


  • Approved one billion for environmental land purchases while governor
  • Created new marine sanctuary to protect the Florida Keys
  • While governor, he prosecuted gas stations for price gouging during hurricanes
  • In July 2014, he said about global warming: "I'm a skeptic; I'm not a scientist"
  • Believes drilling in Gulf or Mexico hurts tourism in Florida
  • Approved $1.5 billion plan for restoring the Everglades
  • Wants to eliminate automobile emissions testing
  • Would set goal of 25% renewable energy by 2025

Foreign Policy

  • Supported strengthening the Cuban embargo, not lifting it
  • Believes the U.S. should be more aggressive with Russia and Ukraine
  • Is in favor of economic cooperation with China
  • Supports Israel in its battle against terrorism
  • Lived in Venezuela for two years, majored in Latin American studies
  • Believes the role in the world for the U.S. is to show military strength and moral clarity

Domestic Issues

  • In favor of restricting abortions only to cases of incest, rape, and health
  • Created "Choose Life" license plates for Florida
  • Has blocked use of public funds for stem cell research
  • Funded adoption counseling, not abortion counseling for Florida
  • Said in Jan. 2015 that he respects civil unions and same-sex lifetime commitments
  • Removed Confederate flag from Florida capitol in Feb. 2007
—Jennie Wood
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