Leila Grace

Tell us about your work---what do you do? I facilitate re-balancing to help people gain better nutrition. This includes assessing their nutritional intake history , nutrients consumed through food and supplements, calorie intake, activity levels, and the environment in which the client resides in order to determine what dietary changes need to be made. What skills are needed? You need to have the ability to listen and ask questions. What was your college major? Science How did you get started in your career? When I was a junior in college, both of my parents were diagnosed with terminal diseases within one month of each other. When the doctor's gave up on them, I was motivated to find alternative ways to help them. I began to do research on ways to improve their health, nutritionally. From this experience, I was motivated to pursue a career as a nutritionist. What experience do you need in this job? There are many ways to become a nutritionist. You can attend a university program or study independently. It is important to have extensive knowledge of healing herbs and to be able to discern between promotional information on new and old products and what's actually good for the body. Describe your "typical" workday: My workday varies. With new clients, I conduct a three day history on their nutritional intake. I look at all the foods that a person eats, when they've consume it and how much they've consumed. That helps me calculate how many calories a person has consumed and how it affects their metabolism as well as if there are any vitamin deficiencies. Then the client and I agree on a plan of action, a goal, and a goal date. What is the most challenging aspect of your job? The hardest aspect of my job is knowing that the person I'm working with is the only one who can invoke change in her life. We're each responsible for our bodies and we have to seek treatment to receive healing. What is the most rewarding aspect of your job? It is very rewarding to see someone who believes she can change and actually go through that process with her, to see the healing take place. What are your suggestions for someone considering this field? Look at the possibilities of where you see yourself working whether it's at a spa or in private homes. Research your place of learning carefully and know that being a nutritionist is a life long learning process where we are always seeking answers to all kinds of questions.
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