Who Am I?

That's a good question! These 11 evaluations will help you find out about yourself, your study skills, and your readiness to move ahead on your life journey (pretty corny, huh?). The fact is, the more you understand yourself the better you can prepare for the future. You should develop a quality of life that provides satisfaction, enjoyment and useful skills. At the end of each evaluation you'll receive a score and suggestions for further investigation.

Getting Ready for College

Are you ready for college? Really?

Discovering Who I Am

Uncover the real you.

Sharing Who I Am

Do you keep it all inside or are you an "outie?"

Making Choices

We all must make choices in life and school. Do you find it hard to do?

Personal Wellness

"A sound mind and a sound body..."You've heard it before but taking good care of yourself is an important part of self-discovery.

Setting Goals

Got goals? Learn how to plan your future, step by step.

Critical Thinking

Do you believe everything you read or hear?

Note Taking

Do your notes make sense? Maybe it's time to sharpen your pencil, and your skills.

Effective Listening

Are you a good listener? Do you need to be? Find out.

Study Habits

Haven't your parents and teachers drummed this into you by now? See how much has really stuck.

Effective Test Taking

Okay, so you know your stuff. Do your test scores reflect that?

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