Most Expensive U.S. Colleges and Universities

The priciest diplomas in the land

It's well-known that the cost of education has skyrocketed in the past two decades. But, determining exactly how much school will cost is dependent on a lot of different factors; whether a student is from in-state, whether they commute or live on campus, what they get for scholarships, etc. To determine the priciest schools in the country, we're looking at the total cost for an out-of-state student, before applying any deductions. The figures are from one academic year.

RankCollegeStateTotal Cost
1.University of ChicagoIllinois$76,380
2.Harvey Mudd CollegeCalifornia$75,547
3.Columbia UniversityNew York$74,716
4.Barnard CollegeNew York$73,407
5.Yale UniversityConnecticut$73,180
6.University of Southern CaliforniaCalifornia$72,825
7.Northwestern UniversityIllinois$72,799
8.Scripps CollegeCalifornia$72,756
9.Oberlin CollegeOhio$72,678
10.Trinity CollegeConnecticut$72,660
11.University of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania$72,518
12.Haverford CollegePennsylvania$72,434
13.Jewish Theological Seminary of AmericaNew York$72,348
14.Dartmouth CollegeNew Hampshire$72,319
15.Claremont McKenna CollegeCalifornia$72,310
16.Amherst CollegeMassachusetts$72,166
17.Southern Methodist UniversityTexas$72,137
18.Duke UniversityNorth Carolina$72,133
19.Tufts UniversityMassachusetts$71,942
20.Pitzer CollegeCalifornia$71,900
NOTES: Includes accredited four-year universities offering at least a bachelor's degree

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