Hey Juniors: Senior Year is Not for Slackers

When it's time to plan your class schedule for senior year, keep in mind that what you take DOES matter. Here are some suggestions:

Prepare for the college crunch.

College prep courses do just that - prepare you for college. Take a few demanding classes like Advanced Placement courses, a third or fourth level of a foreign language, trig or calculus, an advanced science or a computer course. If you were hoping to chill a bit your senior year, you could take several of these courses and throw in an elective or two that interests you. Most colleges would prefer to see you take an advanced math and science in your senior year along with electives that relate to your intended major.

Don't slack.

Some kids want to take only what they need to graduate and fill in the rest of the schedule with study halls, gym or "gut" classes. Hold up! This approach probably won't get you where you want to go -- in college or in life! You don't have to challenge yourself during senior year, but you'll benefit if you do!

Senior year is the springboard to college.

Anything short of a demanding senior year schedule will leave you less than prepared for your freshman year of college. You don't want to walk into your college career unprepared, do you?

Get advice.

Don't forget that you can always contact a local college admissions officer to get advice and suggestions about your schedule. Keep an open mind and schedule accordingly. Don't be afraid to work hard!