The Simpsons - Features and Fun Facts

Updated February 28, 2017 | Infoplease Staff

Features, facts, and fun stuff about our favorite American family

by Chris Warner
The Simpsons

The Simpson Family

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The Simpsons: A History
A look at the family's jump from TV to the big screen

The Simpsons: Notable Celebrity Cameos
From Kelsey Grammer to Natalie Portman

The Simpsons Movie
Homer must save the world from a catastrophe he himself created

The Simpsons: Biography
The Simpsons was a hit from the start and has remained one of the most popular television shows in history

Wealthiest Fictional Characters
Is Mr. Burns Energy worth $16.8 billion?

Matt Groening Biography
Groening had started with a comic strip Life in Hell, featuring two rabbits, Binky and Sheba

Fun Stuff

The Simpsons Movie Quiz
What band performs at the beginning of the movie in Springfield? (spoilers!)

The Simpsons Quiz for Beginners
The youngest sister in the Simpson household is named . . .

The Simpsons Quiz for Experts
Who shot Mr. Burns in the two-part mystery episode?

The Simpsons Hangman
How many of The Simpsons characters do you know?