The Top Ten: Largest Islands of the World

The Top Ten

Largest Islands of the World

Rank Island Location Area—sq mi
1. Greenland North Atlantic 839,999
2. New Guinea1 Southwest Pacific 309,000
3. Borneo2 West mid-Pacific 287,300
4. Madagascar Indian Ocean 227,000
5. Baffin North Atlantic 195,926
6. Sumatra Northeast Indian Ocean 182,859
7. Honshu Sea of Japan-Pacific 89,176
8. Great Britain off coast of NW Europe 88,795
9. Victoria Arctic Ocean 83,896
10. Ellesmere Arctic Ocean 75,767
Note: Australia is not included in this list because it is defined as a continent rather than an island.
1. West Papua [Irian Jaya], Indonesia, western part; Papua New Guinea, eastern part
2. Indonesian, south part; Brunei and Malaysian, north part

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