The Top Ten: Fiction's Wealthiest

The Top Ten

Wealthiest Fictional Characters

This list—entirely subjective—from is based on a composite assessment of a character's source material, taking into account the value (if applicable) of real-life price fluctuations.

Rank Character Source Net Worth
1. Smaug Marauding $62 billion
2. Flintheart Glomgold Mining, Theft $51.9 billion
3. Carlisle Cullen Compound interest, Investments $36.3 billion
4. Jed Clampett Oil & Gas, Banking $9.8 billion
5. Anthony Stark Defense $9.3 billion
6. Richie Rich Inheritance, Conglomerates $8.9 billion
7. Charles Foster Kane Media $8.3 billion
8. Bruce Wayne Inheritance, Defense $6.9 billion
9. Forrest Gump Apple, Inc. $5.7 billion
10. Mr. Monopoly Real Estate $2.5 billion
Source: Forbes.

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