Synonyms of synchronizing


1. synchronism, synchrony, synchronicity, synchroneity, synchronization, synchronisation, synchronizing, temporal relation

usage: the relation that exists when things occur at the same time; "the drug produces an increased synchrony of the brain waves"

2. synchronization, synchronisation, synchronizing, synchronising, adjustment, registration, readjustment

usage: an adjustment that causes something to occur or recur in unison

3. synchronization, synchronisation, synchronizing, coordination

usage: coordinating by causing to indicate the same time; "the synchronization of their watches was an important preliminary"


1. synchronize, synchronise, sync, adjust, set, correct

usage: make synchronous and adjust in time or manner; "Let's synchronize our efforts"

2. synchronize, synchronise, contemporize, contemporise, happen, hap, go on, pass off, occur, pass, fall out, come about, take place

usage: happen at the same time

3. synchronize, synchronise, change, alter, modify

usage: make (motion picture sound) exactly simultaneous with the action; "synchronize this film"

4. synchronize, synchronise, contemporize, contemporise, arrange, set up, put, order

usage: arrange or represent events so that they co-occur; "synchronize biblical events"

5. synchronize, synchronise, operate, control

usage: operate simultaneously; "The clocks synchronize"

6. synchronize, synchronise, align, aline, line up, adjust

usage: cause to indicate the same time or rate; "synchronize your watches"

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