Synonyms of smuts


1. Smuts, Jan Christian Smuts

usage: South African statesman and soldier (1870-1950)


1. Smuts, Jan Christian Smuts

usage: a black colloidal substance consisting wholly or principally of amorphous carbon and used to make pigments and ink

2. carbon black, lampblack, soot, smut, crock, carbon, C, atomic number 6

usage: destructive diseases of plants (especially cereal grasses) caused by fungi that produce black powdery masses of spores

3. smut, plant disease

usage: any fungus of the order Ustilaginales

4. smut, smut fungus, fungus

usage: an offensive or indecent word or phrase

5. obscenity, smut, vulgarism, filth, dirty word, profanity

usage: creative activity (writing or pictures or films etc.) of no literary or artistic value other than to stimulate sexual desire


1. smut, change, alter, modify

usage: make obscene; "This line in the play smuts the entire act"

2. smut, stain

usage: stain with a dirty substance, such as soot

3. smut, mold, mildew

usage: become affected with smut; "the corn smutted and could not be eaten"

4. smut, infect, taint

usage: affect with smut or mildew, as of a crop such as corn

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