Synonyms of significant


1. significant (vs. insignificant), important, momentous, epochal, epoch-making, earthshaking, world-shaking, world-shattering, evidential, evidentiary, fundamental, profound, large, monumental, noteworthy, remarkable, probative, probatory, operative, portentous, prodigious, important#1, of import, meaningful

usage: important in effect or meaning; "a significant change in tax laws"; "a significant change in the Constitution"; "a significant contribution"; "significant details"; "statistically significant"

2. significant, substantial, considerable (vs. inconsiderable)

usage: fairly large; "won by a substantial margin"

3. significant (vs. nonsignificant)

usage: too closely correlated to be attributed to chance and therefore indicating a systematic relation; "the interaction effect is significant at the .01 level"; "no significant difference was found"

4. meaning(prenominal), pregnant, significant, meaningful (vs. meaningless)

usage: rich in significance or implication; "a meaning look"

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Definition and meaning of significant (Dictionary)