Synonyms of pant


1. pant, noise

usage: the noise made by a short puff of steam (as from an engine)

2. trouser, pant, garment

usage: (usually in the plural) a garment extending from the waist to the knee or ankle, covering each leg separately; "he had a sharp crease in his trousers"

3. gasp, pant, inhalation, inspiration, aspiration, intake, breathing in

usage: a short labored intake of breath with the mouth open; "she gave a gasp and fainted"


1. pant, puff, gasp, heave, blow

usage: breathe noisily, as when one is exhausted; "The runners reached the finish line, panting heavily"

2. pant, utter, emit, let out, let loose

usage: utter while panting, as if out of breath

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